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In order to use a managed today screen item you first need to ensure that the required pre-requisites are installed on the device.

The following components must be installed:
  • .NET Compact Framework 2.0 or above
  • ChrisTec Managed Today Screen Item Framework (ChrisTec.WindowsMobile.TodayScreen-Framework.CAB - available in the binary download available as part of the Alpha 2 release)

These components only need to be installed once. Once installed on a PDA you should then be able to install as many managed today screen items as you want.

Most managed today screen items should be packaged as a CAB file which should take care of placing the files in the required location. If you are provided with a *.dll file this will manually need to be placed in the \Program Files\Managed Today Screen Framework\ directory (where \Program Files is replaced with the localised path for your device).

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