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Running the demo on a Pocket PC device

Since this is an early proof of concept the demo leaves a lot to be desired, but indicates that the basic framework is atleast operational.

The easiest way to configure this demo is to download the binary download available as part of the Alpha 2 release.

Within this ZIP archive you should find two CAB files that need to be installed onto your device, as described below:
  • ChrisTec.WindowsMobile.TodayScreen-Framework.CAB - The framework that enables the creation of today screen items in managed code.
  • SampleTodayScreenItems.CAB - Three sample today screen items written in C#, split across two DLLs.

Once both CAB files have been installed onto a device a soft reset should make the today screen items appear. You should be able to find the entire framework + the sample today screen items within the \Program Files\Managed Today Screen Framework directory.

At present I have only tested this build on a Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional emulator with the World Wide English ROM.

See the issue tracker for known issues with this release and to record any issues you find while testing this framework.

Building a custom Today Screen Item

Follow the instructions available on the Creating Custom Today Screen Items Guide page, the ZIP file that you downloaded for the above steps also contains a copy of the ChrisTec.WindowsMobile.TodayScreen.dll assembly that you need to reference.

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