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Building your Today Screen Item

Creating a custom today screen item using VB.NET or C# is reasonably straight forward and can be achieved by following these steps:
  1. Create a new smart device class library project
  2. Add a new User Control to this project
  3. Set the height of the User Control to the desired height of your today screen item
  4. Add a reference to the ChrisTec.WindowsMobile.TodayScreen.dll assembly (found in the binary download as part of the Alpha 2 release).
  5. Add a [TodayScreenItem("name of your today screen item")] attribute to the user control class

You should then be able to use any of the .NET Compact Framework features to develop the contents of your custom today screen item. The name you pass into the TodayScreenItem attribute will eventually be utilised in any configuration dialog related to this today screen item.

NOTE: Eventually this would make a great Visual Studio Project Template candidate

Deploying your Today Screen Item

Once your custom today screen item has been built you need to deploy it to a special location on the PDA in order for the ChrisTec Managed Today Screen Item framework to detect it. This location is the \Program Files\Managed Today Screen Framework\ directory.

HINT: When using a CAB file to deploy your today screen item you can use the %CE1% macro to avoid hardcoding the \Program Files\ folder, since this can be localised to other paths on non English devices.

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